Below you will find the questionnaire as mentioned in the email.   This questionnaire is the first step in the process.  Once you have completed the questionnaire it will be reviewed and we will contact you to review the information you provided.  If, at the end of that conversation, we both agree that further exploration is warranted, we will outline next steps.

If you are not interested in the opportunity as listed in the email but wish to speak about franchising in general, please feel free to contact us directly at

As an employee, are you able to lead your team while also following the employer's goals and vision?:
When faced with a challenge, do you tend to ask for advice or do you like to jump in are figure it out by yourself?
Do you like to create new ideas or are you more focused on execution?
Why are you interested in exploring franchising?
Can you be a team player or do you prefer to do things on your own?
How strong are your sales skills?
How strong are your financial management skills?
How strong are your leadership skills?
How would describe your work ethic?
Do you tend to stop and think before jumping in or do you believe in the Nike slogan – ‘Just Do it’
Do you prefer ‘compromise’ or are you focused on ‘winning’?
Do you have the support of your family, spouse or partner?
Do you know what your monthly cost of living is?
Do you have the financial resources to cover your personal living cost? Yes, I can cover my personal living expenses for ...
How much are you able to invest in a business?
Please provide a little information on your background:
Please share any specific questions you might wish to discuss:
Have You Ever Spoken With A Franchise Coach, Broker or Consultant?
If Yes, Please Tell Us About Your Experience:
Have you read The Educated Franchisee?

Thank you for completing this Questionnaire.  We will review your information and get back to you within 24 business hours in order to schedule a time to speak further.

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